"'Free software' is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of 'free' as in 'free speech,' not as in 'free beer'."
Richard Stallman.

Allink: software for data analysis, image processing, simulation, differential equation solver.
Download sources: with " svn co svn://svn.theorie.physik.uni-goettingen.de/marelli/Allink ".
Compile: edit "/include/MakeInclude.mk" and run "make".
Documentation: here with doxygen.


Program for signal analysis:
The programs loads a list of files assuming the first coordinate as x; the x and y coordinate can be changed with the right-up slider. The lower left box choose the options for the visualisation (single set, log log, riscale...). The lower sliders select the points for visualisation and analysis. The bottons on the rhs perform fittings, running average, distributions, integration...

Plots in postscript format:
The programs reads a configuration file to load the visualisation options for every set. Labels are in rich text format (html).

Database querying:
log in a MySQL database and calculate average, efficiency and loss for the milk flow of the selected production type and sector.

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