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NANO Struct Reference

Information about the nanoparticle. More...

#include <VarData.h>

Public Attributes

char ArchFile [60]
 Architecture file.
double Pos [3]
double Bkf [3]
 Backfolded position.
double Vel [3]
double Force [3]
double Axis [3]
 Rotation axis.
double AMom [3]
 Angular momentum.
double AMomTemp [3]
 Temporal angular momentum.
double AVel [3]
 Angular velocity.
double Mass
double Rad
double Hamaker
 Strength of the interaction.
double Height
 Height of the cylinder.
double Gamma
 Friction term.
double Zeta
 Stochastic term.
double Viscosity
double OffSet
 Reference potential.
double CutOff
 Cut off of the potential.
double Coating
 Thickness of the LJ well.
double BaseLine
 Baseline of the potential.
double DistThr
 Minimum distance threshold.
double ForThr
 Maximum value of the force.
double PotThr
 Maximum value of the potential.
double Area
 Area of a pore or a stalk.
int Shape
 0 none, 1 spherical, 2 cylindrical 3 wall
int NLink
 Number of links connecting the constituent monomers.
int NHeight
 Number of monomers per side.
int NCircle
 Number of monomers per circle.
int nBlock
 In which block is the peptide written.

Detailed Description

Information about the nanoparticle.

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