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KFORCES Struct Reference

Prefactors of the forces. More...

#include <Forces.h>

Public Attributes

double Lap
 Prefactor of the Laplacian.
double SLap
 Prefactor of the square laplacian.
double El [3]
 Elastic force.
double Ext
 External force.
double LJ
double Cont
double Elong [3]
 Elongation of the springs.
double LJMin
double LJCutOff
double CutOff2
 CutOff of the lennard jones.
double BaseLine
 Baseline of the potential.
double PotThr
 Maximum potential allowed.
double ForThr
 Maximum force allowed.
double DistThr
 Correspondent radial distance for this force.

Detailed Description

Prefactors of the forces.

Definition at line 145 of file Forces.h.

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