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GENERAL Struct Reference

General information of the system. More...

#include <VarData.h>

Public Attributes

double Time
 Total time.
double Temp
double Beta
double Energy [3]
 Pot, kinetik, free.
double Edge [4]
 xyzr edges of the simulation box
double InvEdge [4]
 Inverted xyzr edges of the simulation box.
double Cm [3]
 Center of mass of the system.
double Vel [4]
 Velocity of the system.
double Pre [3]
 Three components of the pressure.
double vBB
 Chemical potential of the water.
double SurfTens
 Surface tension.
double chiN
double kappaN
double rho
 Density coexistence.
double kappaBend
 Prefactor of the bending potential.
double kappaSpring
 Prefactor of the bond spring.
double SpringRest
 Rest length of the harmonic potential.
double ReOverCutOff
 Convertion unit R_e over CutOff.
double Deltat
double WFuncStraight2
 Weighting function straight length.
double WFuncStraight3
 Weighting function straight length.
unsigned long Step
 Courrent step.
int NPart
 Number of particle.
int NChain
 Number of chain.
int NPCh
 Number of particle per chain.
int NAllocP
 Number of allocated particles.
int NAllocC
 Number of allocated chains.
int NType

of types of the particle

int NLink
 Maximum number of bonds.
int NBlock
 Number of blocks.
int NNano

Detailed Description

General information of the system.

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