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Quadri Class Reference

Quaternion class. More...

#include <MatematicaQuadri.h>

Public Member Functions

 Quadri ()
 An empty quaternion.
 Quadri (double *Axis, double Angle)
 A quaternion generated from an axis and an angle.
 Quadri (double Ang1, double Ang2, double Ang3)
 A quaternion generated form Euler's angle.
 Quadri (double ww, double xx, double yy, double zz)
 A quaternion generated specifying the basis.
double * Axis ()
 Print the component of the axis.
double Norm ()
 Norm of the quaternion.
double NormInv (double *Vett)
 Inverse norm of a 3d-vector.
double Sqr ()
 Square of a quaternion.
double Normalize ()
 Normalize a quaternion.
double Normalize (double *Vett)
 Normalize a vector.
double Angle ()
 Return the rotation angle.
void Prod (Quadri q)
 Product between two quaternions.
Quadri Prod (Quadri q, Quadri p)
 Product between two quaternions.
Quadri GetConj ()
 Give the conjugate.
void Inv ()
void Matrix4x4 (double *M)
 Create a 4x4 rotation matrix.
void Matrix3x3 (double *M)
 Create a 3x3 rotation matrix.
void RotMatrix (double *data, int dim)
 Alternative creation of a rotation matrix.
void Basis (double a, double b, double c, double d, double *Matr)
void Conj ()
void PrintMatrix (double *M)
 Print a rotation matrix.
Quadri operator* (const Quadri &rq) const
 Scalar product with a quaternion.
double * operator* (const double *Vet) const
 Scalar product with a vector.
Quadri operator= (const Quadri &rq) const
 Equal operator.

Public Attributes

double x
 First basis component.
double y
 Second basis component.
double z
 Third basis component.
double w
 Forth basis component.

Detailed Description

Quaternion class.

Definition at line 7 of file MatematicaQuadri.h.

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