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Piano Class Reference

Define a plane. More...

#include <MatematicaPlane.h>

Public Member Functions

 Piano (Vettore *P1, Vettore *P2, Vettore *P3)
 ~Piano ()
double Distance (Vettore *P)
int Impact (Vettore *P, Vettore *V)
 Reflect velocity.
Vettore GetVertex (int i)
 Get vertex.
Vettore ProjOnSurf (Vettore *Pos)
 Project on surface (point)
Vettore ProjOnNorm (Vettore *v)
 Project on normal (vector)
int SameSide (Vettore *P, Vettore *A, Vettore *B, Vettore *C)
 Is the orientation of the difference vectors on the same side?
double Inv (double x)
 Calculate the inverse.
int IsOnSurf (Vettore *P)
 If the point is inside the triangle.
int IsOnSurf1 (Vettore *P)
 If the point is inside the triangle first method.
int IsOnSurf2 (Vettore *P)
 If the point is inside the triangle second method.
Vettore Reflect (Vettore *V)
 Reflect a vector by the normal.

Public Attributes

Vettore P1
 Points defining the plane.
Vettore P2
Vettore P3
Vettore P4
Vettore Dir21
 Direction vectors.
Vettore Dir31
Vettore Dir23
Vettore Norm
 Normal and inverse to the normal.
Vettore InvNorm
double Bound [6]
int IsInf [3]
 If the inverse to the normal is infinite.
double dPar
 d of ax+by+cz+d=0
double Rad
 Radius of the contact.
double mxy [3]
double mxz [3]
double qxy [3]
double qxz [3]

Detailed Description

Define a plane.

Definition at line 10 of file MatematicaPlane.h.

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