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NeiVertex Class Reference

Connects the triangles by vertices. More...

#include <Cubo.h>

Public Member Functions

 NeiVertex (int NTriaExt, int NvPtExt, int NGridExt, double *EdgeExt)
 Alloc NVertices.
 ~NeiVertex ()
 Delete the class.
void Add (int v, int t, double *Pos)
 Add the triangle t at the vertex v.
void Add (double *Pos, int t)
 Add the triangle t in the Pos.
void Rem (int v, int t)
 Remove the triangle t from the vertex v.
void CopyVert2To1 (VERTEX Vert1, VERTEX Vert2)
 Copy two vertices.
void Swap (int v1, int v2)
 Swap to vertices.
void Reorder ()
 Reorder and fill the vertices.
void SetCounters (int v)
 Set counters to zero for the point v. More...
void SetCounters ()
 Set all the counters to zero.
int GetVertex (double *Pos)
 Correspondent vertes for Pos.
int IfItCell (int v)
 End of the counters.
void IncrCurr (int v)
 Increment the counter.
int VertCurr (int v)
 Current vertex iterator for the vertex v.
int TriaCurr (int v)
 Current triangle for the vertex v.
void PosVertex (int v, double *Pos)
 Position of the vertex v.
void Print ()
 Print the entire structure.

Detailed Description

Connects the triangles by vertices.

Definition at line 480 of file Cubo.h.

Member Function Documentation

void SetCounters ( int  v)

Set counters to zero for the point v.

Initialize the.

Definition at line 1093 of file Cubo.cpp.

Referenced by VarData::ConnectLineChain2(), and VarData::NormalWeight().

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