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DrEffect Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void EffectFilter ()
 Applies a filter to pixel.
void EffectMotion ()
 Shifting of pixels.
void EffectMC ()
 Applies a random disposition of blocks.
void EffectCoarseGrain (int Grana)
 Defocus the images in blocks.
void EffectIncrease ()
 Increase the resolution.
void Run ()
 Create an animation.
void Initialize ()
void Histo ()
void NablaPhi ()
void BlackWhite ()
void DReshape (int weight, int height)
void DrEkeyboard (unsigned char key)
void PrintIntensity ()
int Contrast ()
int Binary (int Mode)
int Noise (unsigned char *Picture, unsigned char *OutPicture, int width, int height)
int SwapBlocks (unsigned char *Picture, unsigned char *OutPicture, int width, int height, PERMUTE *Perm, int NGridw, int NGridh, int *Sequence1, int NPartition)
int ShiftBlocks (unsigned char *Picture, unsigned char *OutPicture, int width, int height, int *Sequence, int NGridw, int NGridh, int *Sequence1, int NPartition)
int Discretize (unsigned char *Picture, unsigned char *OutPicture, int ImWidth, int ImHeight, int WWidth, int WHeight, int Blockw, int Blokh)
int Edges (unsigned char *Picture, unsigned char *OutPicture, int width, int height)
int IncreaseResolution (unsigned char *Picture, unsigned char *OutPicture, int ImWidth, int ImHeight, int Times)
int BuffSize ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Draw
void Draw1 (void)
 A scene for debugging.
void DMinimal (void)
 A empty scene (only the list)
void DrTriangles (int NPoint)
void ShowImage ()
 Displays the data stored in pixel.
void Window (int argc, char **argv)
 Initial definition of the window.
void DFigure (void)
 Definition of the scene on which the objects will be drawn.
void DTimer (int v)
 Not working.
void Dreshape (int w, int h)
 Principal reshape function.
int ApplyTexture ()
 Apply the texture to a square.
int ShowTexture ()
 Call the texture in the scene.
void Transform ()
 Transform the system coordinates.
void DrCube ()
 Line in a cube.
void ChooseBlend (int Which)
 Choose a different blending function.
void PutString (double *Pos, char *String)
 Put a string.
void PutString (double Posx, double Posy, double Posz, char *String)
 Put a string.
void Numera (double *Pos, int n)
 Print the. More...
void Lista (int NSquare)
 Definition of the primitives.
int DefPoint ()
int DefCube (int NSquare)
int DefQuad (int NSquare)
int DefCylinder (double Rad, double Height)
int DefMetalCylinder (double Rad, double Height)
 Metallic cylinder.
int DefHexagon ()
int DefGriglia ()
int DefWall ()
int DefArrow ()
int DefArrowThin ()
int DefTexture ()
 Define a simple texture.
void InitConstant ()
 Initializes all the view constants.
double Normal (double *v, double *u, double *w, double *n)
 Calculate the normal.
void DepthMap (double Val, GLfloat *Color)
 Pointer to a generic function.
void DepthMap1 (double Val, GLfloat *Color)
 Depth map.
void ChooseDepthMap (int n)
 Choose Depth map.
int DefLegend ()
 Depth map.
void Dmouse (int button, int state, int x, int y)
 To launch the menu.
void DMouseMove (int x, int y)
 How the scene rotate (Camera view should be implemented)
void Dspecial (int k, int x, int y)
void keyboardDraw (unsigned char key)
 Combines the key with the functions.
void CameraQuat ()
 Quaternion camera implementation.
void ChangeSuGiu (GLfloat Movement)
 Movement up-down.
void ChangeDxSx (GLfloat Movement)
 Movement right left.
void abort_ (const char *s,...)
int Picture ()
 Write a tiff file of the data in pixel.
int WritePixel ()
int WritePng ()
 Write a png file of the data in pixel (not working)
int WritePngwriter ()
 Write a png file of the data in pixel (uses libpngwriter)
int OpenImage (const char *FileName)
 Open a image to be store in pixel.
void ReadScript ()
 Reads and draw a script file.
void ReadConf ()
 Reads and applies external configurations.

Public Attributes

int NChar
unsigned char Median [4]
unsigned char Quart1 [4]
unsigned char Quart3 [4]
double ** Hist
double ** Phi
int ** Patch
- Public Attributes inherited from Draw
 Pointer to a distance/field function.
int ImWidth
 Width and height of the image.
int ImHeight
GLfloat spin
GLfloat angolo
GLfloat dspin
GLfloat xa
GLfloat ya
GLfloat za
GLfloat xf
 Orientation of the light.
GLfloat yf
GLfloat zf
GLfloat xp
 Translation, wheel.
GLfloat yp
GLfloat zp
GLfloat zw
GLfloat xi
 Position of the info string.
GLfloat yi
GLfloat zi
GLfloat xLeg
 Position of the legend.
GLfloat yLeg
GLfloat zLeg
GLfloat dxLeg
 Width of the legend.
GLfloat dyLeg
GLfloat xl0
 Position of the light0.
GLfloat yl0
GLfloat zl0
GLfloat xl1
 Position of the light1.
GLfloat yl1
GLfloat zl1
GLfloat scale
GLfloat dscale
GLfloat tscale
GLfloat Rback
 Background color.
GLfloat Gback
GLfloat Bback
GLfloat Aback
GLfloat IncrVisDxSx
 Increment visual DxSx, SuGiu.
GLfloat IncrVisSuGiu
GLfloat AngleDxSx
 Angle DxSx, SuGiu.
GLfloat AngleSuGiu
double InvScaleUn
 Rescale the three orthogonal directions.
double GridStep
 Finess of the grid.
GLuint Hexagon
 Refers to the list of a hexagon.
GLuint DrLegend
 Refers to the list of the legend.
GLuint Griglia
 Refers to the list of the grid.
GLuint Quad
 Refers to the list of the square.
GLuint Point
 Refers to the list of the point.
GLuint Cylinder
 Refers to the list of the cylinder.
GLuint MetalCylinder
 Refers to the list of another cylinder (obsolete)
GLuint Particles
 Refers to the list of the total position of the particles which will be generated in another program.
GLuint ScriptList
 Refers to the list of the objects called by the script file.
GLuint GlWall
 Refers to the list of a wall.
GLuint Arrow
 Refers to the list of a arrow.
GLuint Cube
 Refers to the list of the texture.
GLuint Texture
 Refers to the list of the texture.
GLuint XCenter
 Center of the frame.
GLuint YCenter
 Center of the frame.
int la
 Puts/removes the box edges.
int gr
 Puts/removes the grid.
int lu
 Enables/disables illumination.
int sp
 Enables/disables spot light.
int ne
 Enables/disables fog.
int MainWindow
 Refers to optional different windows.
int SubWindow1
int SubWindow2
int Diap
 Number of frames.
int tDiap
int tDiapBase
int IfPoint
 Decides to draw points or spheres.
int IfInfo
 Removes the info line.
int IfScript
 Ignores the script file.
int IfImage
int IfBlend
 Activate the blending.
int IfMaterial
 Activate the illumination for a specific material.
int Values
 Number of values to divide the edge in squares.
int Step
 Current step for the picture's name.
int WinWidth
 Width of the window.
int WinHeight
 Height of the window.
int xRem
 Old x position of the mouse.
int yRem
 Old y position of the mouse.
int ChangeMouse
int NLevel
 Levels of the images data (usually 4=RGBA)
float Diameter
float StepDiameter
float NanoRad
float ExtraDiam
double Edge [3]
 Box size.
int GridEdge [3]
 Number of lines per edge.
double ExtRad
 Cylinder radius.
double ExtHeight
 Cylinder height.
GLubyte * pixel
 Principal image (always allocated)
char * Number
 Characters for the grid.
char * frame
char * info
 Info line.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Draw
typedef void(Draw::* DEPTH_MAP) (double Val, GLfloat *Color)
 Data type for distance/field functions.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file DrEffect.h.

Member Function Documentation

void Initialize ( )

The numbers refers to Stephens Mora Tka'cik Bialek Thermodynamics of natural images

Definition at line 3 of file DrDefinition.cpp.

References Matematica::Transform().

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