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DdArray Class Reference

Domain decomposition using arrays. More...

#include <Cubo.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DdArray (double EdgeExt[3], int NPart, double CutOff)
 Allocate. More...
void Erase ()
 Erase the content of the cells. More...
void Clear ()
 Clear the pairlist.
void AddPart (int p, double *Pos)
 Add a part to the cell.
void RemPart (int p, double *Pos)
 Remove a part from the cell.
void MovePart (int p, double *OldPos, double *NewPos)
 Move a part.
void SwapPart (int p1, double *Pos1, int p2, double *Pos2)
 Swap two parts.
void SetCounters (int c)
 Set the counters to the initial pointer.
int IfItCell (int c)
 End the iteration in the cell.
void IncrCurr (int c)
 Increase the counters.
int ItCell (int c)
 Value of the current particle in the cell c.
int GetNei (double *Pos, int *NeiList)
 Choose among the different neighbouring lists.
void Couple (const int c, int *p1, int *p2)
 Returns the pointed couple of particle.
int IfItCouple (const int c)
 Tell when the loop is over.
void IncrCurrList (const int c)
 Increment the pointers.
int pNCell ()
 Print the number of cells.
void PrintCell (const int c)
 Print the content of one cell.
void PrintCells ()
 Print the content of every cell.

Public Attributes

 Cell structure.

Detailed Description

Domain decomposition using arrays.

Definition at line 261 of file Cubo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DdArray ( double  EdgeExt[3],
int  NPart,
double  CutOff 


Every cell contains a stl list of particle.

Definition at line 634 of file Cubo.cpp.

References DomDecBasics::CutOff, DomDecBasics::Edge, DomDecBasics::InvEdge, DomDecBasics::Mod10, DomDecBasics::NCell, DomDecBasics::NPart, and DomDecBasics::NSect.

Member Function Documentation

void Erase ( )

Erase the content of the cells.

Every cell contains a stl list of particle.

Definition at line 649 of file Cubo.cpp.

References DomDecBasics::NCell.

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