Allink  v0.1


Allink is a collection of analysis, visualisation and image processing tools to study the physical properties of the following systems:

Allink is as well an integrator of equation of motion, Monte Carlo simulator and differential equation solver for the following systems:

Each tools needs a configuration file inside the directory they are run to change the default options. This solution is preferred to the extensive use of menus which slows down the development of the software but makes the program less user friendly.
Some tools are still under development if they are not properly documented.
The programming style is modular, ojected oriented but not abstract (no use of friend classes, templates...). This might cause inefficiency in the program and in the source writing but is meant to furnish a clear understanding of the algorithms.
The program is still under clean up of obsolete function and conversion of some original italian variable names.

Table of contents:

Using Allink

Data Organization