Allink  v0.1

Allink is written in ANSI standard C++, and must be compiled from source. It was developed using the gnu gcc compiler in both linux and Mac OS X environments. The source code should compile with any standards compliant C++ compiler. The build system, however, is based on Unix makefiles, and so will work only in a unix (linux or mac) environment.

Source code for the class library is in the src directory. Examples of main programs and example input files are in the Examples directory.


To compile the entire Allink package

The resulting object *.o files for each class is placed in the same directory as the corresponding *.h and *.cpp source files. To clean up all of the *.o files and start over, enter "make clean" from the src directory.


ElPoly has a visualisation tool if OpenGl libraries are installed.


ElPoly uses for Delaunay triangulation the CGAL libraries.