Data collection & API

Retrieve data from different platforms. API usage for dot&media, webtrekk, bluekai, google-dfp, yahoo-brightroll, geo-ip, weather, Web crowler.

Log storage

Utils to store big log files in hdfs, aws s3. Database connectors: sql, cassandra, mongo, neo4j.

ETL & cleaning up

Utils to parse strings, stemming, relational to lists, nets.

Web services

Provide access to server data, configure a web server in nodejs, elm, php.

Data processing

Time series smoothing, prediction, Holt-Winters, ARMA, simulation, decomposition & least-squares, Bayesian,


Machine learning traning via: neural networks, random forest, logistic regressions, support vector machine, classification trees.

Data visualization

Front-end programming, interactive dashboards,

Development tools

Configuration files for emacs, bash,