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By dauvi
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An overview on the different projects and products I've been working in the last 15 years spanning between major industries, many communication channels both for B2C and B2B business.
An overview on skills and experiences
python R c++ go
html5 css3 js d3 react angular
flask fastapi nodejs go
nginx celery redis
git svn ci/cd actions
docker swarm/machine kubernetes terraform
sql postgresql cassandra mongodb neo4j elastic presto
ecs emr lambda api gateway athena redshift
predictions forecasts nlp imaging
kafka kinesis mosquitto
Clients and projects
mobility telco media
DeutscheTelekom Telefonica Vodafone TIM
Mediaset Modadori Sky
Circ/bird vay
Engels&Völkers UnibailRodamco Tank&Rast
Branches and channels
dmp ssp dsp ad-server programmatic
maxymiser amadeus shopify
genesys avaya
odoo ...
FM/AM antennas
arduino teensy m5stack dsp
I Provided consultancy on
key components in the project/product development
I worked in products specialized in the main communication channels: e-commerce, email, advertising, call center, apps...
Experience on different technology components, compatibility, design and costs.
Ideating and prototyping
I have been ideating products with clients/stakeholders and delivered the prototypes and MVPs.
Data visualization and reports
Partners and clients could monitor performances and admin the products
Coaching and managing
Coaching juniors and students, manage and hire resources, discuss personal and professional growth, expose and present in conferences.
Timely deliverables
Manage expectations, correct extimate on cost and development, progress updates and timely deliverables.
Research and scouting
Study new models and technology to provide appropriate solutions to the projects.
Designing secure and compliant platforms and data pipelines. I have been working with GDPR compliant architecture. Encryption, anonymization, masking, restricted user and group access rights.
Documentation as essential part of the development cycle to make sure everyone is informed in the proper language. Ready to present and expose internally and externally.
Always worked in filling the gap using different technologies to support the teams or to benchmark the solutions they provided.
Selected projects I had worked on
Programming - modeling
My Responsibilites
Develop and test data science libraries and products
python, c++, sklearn, tensorflow, fastapi, javascript
Scientific, computational and machine learning libraries developed during project develpment.more
Time series, predictions, forecast, image recognition... less
Project Website
A/B test e-commerce
My responsibilites
Test ideation, prototyping, agency briefing, go-live, monitoring, reporting.
javascript, html, maxymiser, R, tealeaf, tealium, python
Over 30 A/B tests on booking portal with 3M certified uplift in revenue.more
Personalization program on to propose variants that convert in more booking/expenses. less
Project Website
Agent compensation
My responsibilites
Test incentives to support agent motivation and company goals
R, python, stan
A metric means defining the main objective for a company. If the worker compensation nor the optimization of an AI are aligned with the company overall goals different impulses drive the evolution in different directions. ... more
In this project different compensation schemes are tested based on the distribution of real data. less
Project Website
Mobility patterns
My responsabilities
Product owner for origin destination matrices, street routing ando motorway stops. Commercial agreement with the clients, software feature request, delivery roadmap, data quality.
python, tensorflow, sklearn, dijkstra
Supporting sales in preparing the proposal to clients, writing request for the software development which would include new features, scheduling process time and responsible for data quality. Preparing the delivery and check consistency across reports. ... more
Specialized in origin-destination matrices, modal split, routing, dwelling time on motorways. less
Project Website
Audience evolution
My responsabilities
Syncing platforms, dump and analyze data, enrich data, prepare targets, dispose targets for advertising.
python, R, tealium, d3
Targeted advertising gained more attention over time since more and more clients were keen to spend more for targeted audience. ... more
My task was to work on the ingestion of tags across all publisher properties (over 60 brands), sync different advertisement platforms, dump data on the datalake, enrich data with third parties and publish audiences on adv platforms. I was representing my company in the enterprise for all technological and modeling choises. less
Project Website
Customer lifetime value
My responsibilities
Create an optimization metric: measurable, optimizable, CLV based.
R, stan, python, postgres
No revenues are useful if they are not sticky, the value of a single customer changes over time and different factors can influence that. more
Design a metric that maximize the customer value over a time of 3-5y allows the best choice in the today's strategy. Running all necessary analytics to understand how to segment the customer base, to indentify the churn causes and the product success. The analytics on the customer lifetime value was essential to aim to the most valuable strategy for the company, spot the main causes for churn, support feature engineering for better performances. less
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Infrastructure - pipelines
My responsibilities
Design and deploy infrastructure
docker, kubernetes, aws, gcp, on-prem, terraform
Collect requirements for proposing a stable, secure, robust and easy to maintain data platform. Proposing the best hosting solution, deploy services and monitor the cluster. more
Estimate costs, develop middlewares, orchestrate components. less
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Logistic - optimization
My responsibilities
Develop and deploy a model to optimize fleet maintainance.
fastapi, celery, redis, tensorflow, reinforcement learning
Developed a reinforcement-learning / Monte Carlo simulation tool to create the best allocation of resources for fleet maintainance. more
Commercial solutions were inadequate to provide a resource planning tool for cost effiecient operations. I developed end-to-end solution to integrate with the existing app and backend to plan shifts and operations. less
Project Website
Time series
My responsibilities
Forecasts, predictions, causality, decomposition, latent variables
python, sklearn, lstm, R, decomposition techniques
Forecasts on: metric maturation, audience presence, impression volumes, telemetry disruption, spikes... Predictions on most relevant features, latent variables, dimension reduction. more
A precise forecast was crucial to sell the correct amount of creativities for advertising. less
Project Website
Data visualization
My responsibilities
Present, explain and update data
d3, R, python, ajax, css
In data science is crucial to find the best representation of data that can convey the most significant message to the audience. There are many visualization used to show and explain results. more
I have been using waterfall, radar, heatmaps... to support the visual impact of data. less
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marelli @ inventati . org

Berlin, Germany

Salò, Garda lake, BS, Italy