Collection of samples used in different songs

Samples were recorded using different microphones usually while travelling.

Collection of samples used in songs

Free download of samples by clicking on the image..


Collection taken around lake Garda.
00 - kick, 10 - snare, tom, 20 - crash, clip, stick 30 - hihat, clap 40 - instruments 50 - environment noise 60 - nature rythmic 70 - synth, bass 80 - electric noise 90 - voices


Collection taken in Peruvian amazonia

Volca drum

Collection created with the volca drum, sequences:


NTS-1: drones

Collection created with the nts-1


Collection taken from ethnic instruments

single cycle waveform

Collection of single cycle waveforms to loop with decay

volca sample

Selection to fit in the 2MB of a volca sample

viudì soundfont

Soundfont from viudì instruments

project 1

Mic test: Zanzotto poems and flute

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zoom M3 MicTrak mono 220€
shureMv5 flat 100€
shureMv5 speech 100€
justin JM220Mk2 70€
rode videoMicMe 60€
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hama lavalier 50€
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