Prototyping requires a complex and diverse manufacture.

At the beginning the workshop consisted in few clunky tools.

service 1


First trial of a thorne and pantograph.

service 2


Collection of hand tools.

service 3


Three axes truck for thorne duplication.


We used different rooms for creating and realizing our instruments.

project 1


We referred to books of geometrical design to create a composition of simple geometrical form to emulate the design of famous and historical histruments. We have created the first masks of the most important component of the violin and we have composed the different elements on the paper for finding a equilibrated and pleasant form.

project 2


The wood workshop is a small collection of tables, vices and manual tools with whom we have created the first instruments. Secondly we have bought machineries that allowed us to quickly work the first manufacture of wood. The final handling has to be completed by the manual skill of the craft.

project 2


The gluing process is particular important for the creation of the instrument and the matching between different type of woods. We have used different glues, guys, vices for ensuring the bound of the assembled.

project 2

Varnish and filler

To fix some construction defects of the instruments we collect the dust of many different kind of wood to create a filler. The final manufacture requires a collection of waxes, varnishes, pain, gloss... depending on the effect and the kind of wood used.

project 3


Under the roof we have a wonderful place out of wood that we have used to create a small recording studio to sample the violin and perform small concerts.

project 4


We have created a small place for developing prototypes and measure the quality of the preamplifiers. Over the years we have collected a large amount of electronics components to gain the freedom to test the quality of different schemes.

project 4


Since the instruments have a particular sonority we have started composing for that particular sound these instruments are producing. Keyboard is a perfect training tool to create multi voices partitures and harmonic accompaniment.