Mr Relais - 1999

First website to promote online eletronics lessons. High school project to sell electronics schemas and general knowledge.

Material and screenshots lost :( apart from the logo

relais mr relais logo

kotoba - 2006-2011

Kotoba about university studies, written in php

kotoba kotoba: Erreignisse der Anmut (Heiddegger)


tanto - 2013

During 2013 I was working in different projects in Tanzania, the website tanto is a collection of reports and work done during this period.

tanto tanto, data collection and repository for the Tanzanian projects

Web data collection:

tanto livelihood survey: estimate the wealth of a population and monitor the growth caused by the introduction of electricity

tanto hospital data collection

dauvi - 2013-2017

Dauvi is the first server for hosting the odoo ERP and publishing the first apps written in cordova

dauvi dauvi website

website requests - 2013

A collection of websites during the consultancy period

robiro robirĂ²: jewelry shop

iab presentation for the IAB (interactive advertisement bureau)

agitazioni agitazioni: a cultural association

baresco baresco: glass handcraft

intertino - 2016

Website to promote web digital and analytical tools

intertino intertino

anticolo - 2016-2021

Anticolo is a data room to share the most import KPI to the management


anticolo anticolo