We use routific to distribute tasks to drivers


routific dashboard

Limitations of routific:

optimization engine comparison

An optimization engine find the best combination for assigning tasks to a fleet. To compare performances we create a set up of around 600 spots, 6 task types (with different priorities) and a fleet of 8 drivers

setup set up for the comparison

We prepare the job file and we send it to the routific api service and visualize the solution


routific solution explorer

We perform a visual inspection of routific work, we see that routes mix a lot


routes have internal intersection and operation areas cross

Sequences don’t make much sense

routific mix

routifix sequence

In the city center where is harder to park many drivers cross the same streets

routific mix

routifix mixing drivers

There are some long deviations and once on the spot routific is ignoring neighboring tasks and skipping important priorities


long routes

We observe long deviations for a single task


visual inspection of routific

Even if we have priority 1 over all tasks routes don’t make much sense

routific_evaluation prio1

visual inspection of routific

Long deviations for driving on a tunnel where the scooter is on the ground


routed into a tunnel

Routific returns more stops than the number of tasks


routific and maximum capacity

Routific returns only the total drive time and we have to reroute the segments to calculate the actula driven distance