optimization engine comparison

An optimization engine find the best combination for assigning tasks to a fleet. To compare performances we create a set up of around 600 spots, 6 task types (with different priorities) and a fleet of 8 drivers

setup set up for the comparison

We prepare the job file and we send it to the routific api service and visualize the solution


routific solution explorer

optimization engine

We can run the optimization engine from a blank system or after a routific solution.

route engine

comparison between routing engine

Starting from a routific solution we see that the optimization engine at first improves big springs


optimization improves big springs

We use the following kpi:

The score is calculated via:

$$ score = \frac{occupancy * potential}{duration * distance} $$

kpi comparison

comparison of kpi between engines

run time

Routific was sending a complete solution within 3 minutes, the optimization engine was sending a better solution in 30 minutes, to speed up the process we introduced new moves

execution time

execution time